Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Slow Rides

The weather has been awesome here in Buffalo, meaning that I have been spending a lot of time outdoors. More specifically, outdoors riding my scooters. Nothing like a fantasy sports nerd combined with a scooter nerd that says, "Wow! What a catch!"

After a great April I hate to say the fantasy gods have not been kind to me this month. I had a horrible last half of the month which kind of puts me right back where I was at the start of the baseball season.

I did experiment with DraftDay during their championship series. There were some things about the way the events were handled I didn't like, but the site hold a lot of promise. I felt I was at a slight disadvantage going into events without any experience there. However, I cashed enough to win most of my entries back.

FanDuel has been varying their tournament prize pools, but enough downward pressure has me thinking about sticking to H2H. Also their regular cap is even softer than before... It's almost like a no cap game now. (Which sucks a lot of skill out of the tournaments.)

So maybe it's time to slow down the pace during the dogs days of summer. Fewer entries & more game selection. Expert cap games. There's no reason to make it any easier for my opponents these days.

Keep cool.

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