Saturday, July 07, 2012

Why The Buffalo66 Challenge Will Probably Never Happen

(Ed. note: I just haven't felt like writing much lately. The weather has been too nice and too hot. I've been doing the usual things, just at a lazy summer pace.)

It's been almost a year since I offered my world championship challenge, Including a $5000 bonus for beating me in a series of HU daily fantasy contests.

I've had several inquiries about it and have negotiated with several well known DFS players. But for some reason it always gets down to one or two sticking points that prevent it from happening.

It may seem like I'm being inflexible about it all, but I have conceded many parameters to my challenger's wishes.

And still no takers.

Let's start with the main challenge: 60 snake draft events, 12 each in MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR.

Challenger: Can we play for smaller stakes?
Me: Not for a $5k bonus. I will increase or decrease the bonus based upon the stakes.

Challenger: Can we drop the NASCAR?
Me: Sure.

Challenger: Will you escrow the $5k bonus upfront?
Me: Sure.

Challenger: Can we do salary cap instead of drafts?
Me: What if we stay with drafts and I set it up rake free for you?
Challenger: I don't want to play drafts at all.
Me: I will do expert cap instead, but NASCAR must be included.

Challenger: I will need a buyout option.
Me: OK, you can buy out after 12 contests for $XXX. You must escrow as well.
Challenger: OK.

Challenger: I need all contests except NFL to be on weekdays.
Me: This is pretty much impossible. I choose the schedule but you will have weeks (if not months) prepare for any contest. I reserve the right to schedule 2 contests on the same day.

This is pretty much the breaking point in any deal making. I cannot allow the challenger to dictate the schedule when I am providing the overlay (bonus).

It's pretty obvious that the challenger's angle shoot here is to try and flip coins as much as possible for that $5k overlay. Just switching to cap games gives the challenger much more EV.

With all the "championship" series in DFS now, it doesn't seem like my HU challenge is much of a big deal anymore.

Yet I don't understand why any player worth his salt wouldn't go heads-up, possibly RAKE FREE, for $5k.

I know I would.


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