Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Punters Need More Love

Well this month has been both crazy hot & mostly without internet access. I haven't played much fantasy at all since the all-star break.

I've seen that some sites have launched week 1 NFL contests, without any major changes. I know that there's a vocal minority out there that wants to see kicking removed from the game.

Some folks view the kicker spot as a "luck" position. This means that all the different kickers are priced similarly, making your choice a guess.

I disagree with that sentiment. Kickers have matchups just like any other position. A team with a horrible red zone offense makes their kicker an attractive pick, he will get more FG chances. Also kickers playing in domes tend to be solid picks.

Going to the other extreme, I would really like to see punters added to DFS rosters.

Punting is a huge part of the game. Punters can sometimes get 10 kicks in a single game. Bill Parcells has said that 100 yards in net field position is worth 7 points for your team. Punting is where most of that field position comes from.

I think adding a punter roster spot and giving .03 pts/yard would be a great addition to daily fantasy football. It would add more depth and complexity, while also helping avoid roster duplication.

I'm really looking forward to NFL to help jump start this year.

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