Monday, August 25, 2014

Introducing DFS Premium Content: Lineups & Rosters. And You Can Join In!

Football season is almost here! I have been wanting to launch some daily fantasy premium content for this year.  My original intent was to upload videos with both instructional content and lineup advice.

However, creating a pay per view video on this subject matter is very difficult. Most hosting was either too expensive or rejected the content, citing it didn't meet "community guidelines".

After some deliberation I have decided to sell DFS lineups and rosters via download. This will provide value to prospective DFS players who don't have the time or inclination for doing research. Just download the roster, check for injuries and go enter a contest.

So how will anyone know if the lineups are any good? I will be doing a free results video the day after the contests run. I will be keeping track of average scoring and W-L results in H2H contests. Complete transparency.

While I am selling my own lineups, I'm also inviting the DFS community to join in and monetize their own work. If you think you can make a competitive lineup, contact me on twitter and we can get you set up to submit your lineups for premium download. Anyone is welcome to contribute.

Where will the downloads be available for sale? Great question. Actually, several places. I have secured several new web addresses and corresponding twitter, including: (@DFSrosters) (@FD_Lineups) (@DKlineups) (@WinningRosters) (@LineupSwap)

Plus a few other loactions!

I'll be using a paywall that accepts Paypal, credit cards, bitcoin and dwolla. The content will be small pdf files, easily downloaded to a smartphone. 

I should have the first premium content up in the next 12-24 hours. I hope you find some value in it or contribute your expertise to this effort.

Let us football!

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