Thursday, April 02, 2015

Kelly Index Wagering Results 4/2

Another stinker with a heavy dose of dogs.  Phoenix almost bailed me out, but lost on the last shot.

This bad run has me questioning my modeling, although it's hard to say if late regular season NHL/NBA tanking etc. is causing me to calculate my plays incorrectly. 

4/2 starting bankroll:  0.99504

N. Arizona +319 L

Miami Fla. +121 L
Was. Capitals +115 W
Blue Jackets +121 W
Red Wings -113 L
Flames +145 L
Oilers +289 L
Mia. Heat +453 L
Mavericks -131 L (POD)
Suns +809 L

Daily W-L:  2-8, -.04333
Daily ROI:  -68.18%
Cumulative W-L:  73-96, -0.29829
Cumulative ROI:  -16.33%

Ending bankroll:  0.95171

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