Friday, April 03, 2015

Kelly Index Wagering Results 4/3

I'm just not getting anywhere near the results I expected to date.  NBA has been my problem area, although it's been tough going across all sports.

I'm taking Saturday off from index wagering to rest my mind and enjoy the college games.  Maybe I should wait until playoffs to continue with NBA & NHL.

4/3 starting bankroll:  0.95171

NJ Devils +131 W
Stars -111 L
Avalanche +188 W
Mil. Bucks +178 W
Raptors +121 L
Hornets +171 L
Timberwolves +137 L (POD)
Thunder +216 L
Orlando City SC +113 L

Daily W-L:  3-6, -0.02897
Daily ROI:  -35.15%
Cumulative W-L:  76-102, -0.32726
Cumulative ROI:  -17.14%

Ending bankroll:  0.92274

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