Friday, November 10, 2006

Starbucks & Red Bull vs. The Grind

Gotta love the dollar store. Cases of coffee drinks and sugar free energy drinks for $5 each. I accept my caffeine addiction, I don't combat it.

When we all got shut out of Paradise I wondered where most of those terrible O8 players would resurface. I found out this week - the O8 fishtank is full on Bodog. All I can say is, "omfg yes" and "tyvm". See for yourself.

Life is status quo: Grinding away bonuses and rakeback, scalping hoops like a madman and maintaining sanity while living in the middle of nowhere. Sorry, no novel writing here.

Football Lock of the Week: NCAA, Wisconsin (-2) @ Iowa. QB issues for both teams makes the line closer than it should be. NFL, Chargers (-1) @ Bengals. Two teams going in different directions. CFL, Roughriders @ BC Lions (-6.5). BC has given me no reasons to bet against them all year. [2006 Record 11-8]

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