Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back In The Game

I found my way back onto these internet tubes. I was able to procure a rather nice HP desktop with a Gateway HD monitor. Very sweet but not very portable.

I've been having some moderate back pain since a recent garage sale, where I moved a lot of heavy stuff. I'm doing lots of stretches, but I'm limiting my hours on the PC due to the discomfort.

After all of the stuff I've read about the WSOP this year, I'm happy NOT to be there. If I want to sweat some folks I can always pop over to Turning Stone. I would like to hit the USPC this year, if I can scrape together the cash for an event or two.

Online play has been great lately. I'm playing O8 almost exclusively - PLO8 cash games and NLO8 multi-SNG's. Man are those things fishy - action junkies abound. They're +EV just based on the fact players go all-in on the first hand OFTEN.

Cash games are more of a grind, of course, and have also paid off. I seem to keep losing the huge pots, but win enough otherwise to maintain a profit. I'm much better at dealing with swings than I was a few years back.

Maybe it's the shooting pains in my back keeping me preoccupied. :0

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