Wednesday, November 19, 2008

-37? That's Not The Temperature...

I arrived home from Buffalo early enough to hit up the Tuesday night contests on FSL.

Not a good idea, apparently.

I got plenty of action in the hockey contests. However, my goalie choice, Pascal Leclaire somehow managed to post a score of -37. MINUS thirty-seven.

That's really quite remarkable. Most goalies get pulled before surrendering SEVEN GOALS.

I actually won two HU contests where we both picked the goalie of death.

I also donated $1 in hoops by picking Garnett. Suspension #3 that I've missed. But I didn't even finish last with my zero from KG.

All in all it was a typical losing night, nothing soul crushing. It still amazes me how bad I run immediately following any posts about a big win.


burton said...

every week there seems to be key players unlisted in the fb game

last week breaston

this week d jackson and mo d-jones


any idea?


Buffalo66 said...

I think there's an issue with players who have been on the injury report.

This has been an issue w/ mo-jo Drew before. Cotchery as well.

I would email support if there's a player you don't see.

gregory said...

ahh. that makes sense

i was thinking it had something to do with them being return guys...but couldn't see the logic.


tried support first...mail bounced back