Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Final Tease & High Frequency Trading

Busy, busy, busy.

I've been grinding every day on Stars, playing LO8. Like a certain madman, I'm break-even baby! Actually I've been winning regularly at the lower stakes - just one really bad session at the higher stakes. Very pleased with the results to date.

Still playing on FSL daily - down just a bit so far this month. I also played several days on Draftbug, but I've become somewhat disappointed with their baseball game. They are missing key players (JA Happ & Adam Lind come to mind) and their pricing is not up to date.

I may just have to wait for the other sports to kick in.

My big announcement should be coming this week. I'm really at the mercy of other people right now, and I don't want to spill the beans until everything is green lit. So sit tight a few more days.

Finally here's an interesting video on high frequency stock trading (my comments below):

Yes, you heard that right - 70% of all trades are executed by only 2% of traders. That blew me away.

It's obvious that the markets are manipulated. Not in an "ONOZ! ZOMG so rigged!" way, but there is no point for an individual investor to be in these markets, unless they are playing with their own "monopoly money".

The exchanges collecting payment for privileged access reminds me of my ebay days, when only the highest level of power seller was allowed to call up ebay and speak to an actual human!

They pushed all the little guys out (that grew their business) and it hurt them eventually. A lesson to be learned.

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lemoyneken said...

OK- it's Friday. Where's this big announcement? We're all waiting and wondering!!!!