Monday, August 17, 2009


It took a long time to get to this day. Things never turn out like you first expect.

I started playing daily fantasy sports. I started winning money. I realized it was truly a game of skill (over time). I began to develop a method to pick rosters for my contests.

My biggest winning days came from a mathematical model. I applied the numbers generated to the scoring system of the contest and chose the players accordingly.

I originally decided to write a book on this strategy. While I think the book would have done well for its niche, it would not have generated enough profits to make the publishing worthwhile.

I then decided to (maybe) launch a training site for fantasy sports, similar to the many poker training sites. However, this does not help out the "lazy" end user and the business model has diminishing returns.

Finally, I realized that the best route was to sell my projections on a monthly subscription basis. This will allow casual users to be competitive with little time or effort. It will also allow hardcore users the chance to see my "picks" and act accordingly.

Subscribers will get complete access to projections: baseball, football, basketball and hockey, at all the major daily contest sites. If the sites are running contests that day, I'll have the projections up (usually a couple hours before the start time).

Building this site has been a daunting task (for me) - I haven't been able to get the subscription module to work correctly. So instead of delaying the launch, I've decided to offer FREE to everyone until week 1 of the NFL season. So enjoy the free info and please give me feedback if you have any. It should be a fun ride.

Enjoy my very first youtube video:

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