Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Holy Shnikes, I Played Poker

I've been considering a return to the felt since Stars announced you could earn partial VPPs on small stakes.

Then yesterday, they offered a 50% reload bonus (code WCOOP) and that clinched it. I played two 2+ hour sessions of LO8 and I am up a bunch. (Of course, I am jinxing myself by even mentioning this. Boomswitch off, doomswitch on.)

What's great about the new VIP system is that I'm not always playing against 5+ supernova nits at each table, grinding out their monthly bread. The lower stakes are much softer - and the results show it.

We shall see if the lower stakes provide enough VPPs to make me gold VIP, but even silver will do for now. I'm keeping some good stats on how the different games pay out in VPPs.

I was a mild loser each of the first two days this week on FSL. Hopefully my swoon will end soon.

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