Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Yeah, That OTHER Thing I'm Doing....

While all the activity continues to swirl around , I have also been playing poker with semi-reckless abandon.

I am probably the most confident I've been about my LO8 game in years. I'm playing against Stars regs and holding my own. I've been above water most of the time, and I'm very profitable if you add in bonuses/rakeback.

I tried messing around with Holdem Manager (Omaha version), but it wanted me to load some 3rd party stuff on my PC, so I just took a pass. While it would be nice to know who's winning/losing at my tables, I'll just keep my own stats for now.

I actually think I'm playing better by concentrating on my aggression and paying less attention to the others at the table. In other words, being proactive vs. reactive.

I do have a rather neat spreadsheet I'm keeping. I've color coded my sessions: Green for cha-ching, red for fail, white (no color) for break-even and yellow for bizarro world - when the stats say I should have won, but lost (and vice-versa).

I have three parameters I use to categorize each session - it's not just based on dollars. It's now easy to look at the sheet and see how your overall play displays in "technicolor".

One caveat of playing this much poker is that it ties up a big chunk of my fantasy bankroll. Since I've had my ass handed to me this week on FSL, I might have to scale back a bit until football starts.


Cal said...

Hey there, great content. This is Cal from I appreciate the link in your sidebar!

I sent you an @reply on Twitter, not sure if you check that so leaving a comment as well. I'd love to chat online or on the phone about some fantasy sports projects.


Buffalo66 said...

I sent you a tweet as to how you can contact me.