Friday, January 08, 2010

What You Really Need To Win Daily Fantasy Games

Listen up, fellow gamers. Here is some general strategy advice straight out of my unpublished manuscript. So take notes or bookmark this page.

In order to beat the daily fantasy games long term, you'll need three tools in your arsenal. Each of these is equally important and ignoring any one of them will put you at risk of a big losing streak.

1) You will need a method to project player performance. Now, you don't have to run computer simulated models like I do at daily fantasy projections, but you do need SOME method to guesstimate performance.

You can use player rankings from your favorite sports web site or choose some stats to follow and see which players perform better.

Whether simple or complex, your methodology should give you a short list of players to fill out your roster.

2) You will need to practice strict bankroll management. I have spoken many times about the importance of not playing above your bankroll.

If you just "let it ride", one fluke injury or ejection can cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

My suggestion is to pick a buy-in level - "X number of buy-ins" - that can sustain you through a bad month. So if you played only one game each night, 30 buy-ins should do the trick.

Eventually, you will find your own comfort level when determining how much bankroll you need for your play.

Practicing good bankroll management will keep you from going broke, even if a losing streak forces you to play smaller stakes.

3) You will need good information. This is something I haven't talked about too much. Fantasy sports, like any other market, is affected by up to the minute information. Player values rise and fall for many reasons, including off the field activities.

If your top rated pick is a game-time decision, gets a DUI, has to attend a funeral or is just plain ol' benched - this is information you need to know BEFORE the contests start.

Find places to get this information. In our internet age it's getting easier and easier.

One advantage to finding good info is that you'll soon find out which of your opponents do not have it. These are the players you want to take on repeatedly.

These three steps seem rather obvious, but you would be surprised how few fantasy players really take them seriously. I think there's a lot of money to be made out there for the gamers that practice due diligence on their picks.

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