Monday, March 08, 2010

The Sunny Side Of The Street

It's a beautiful day in Buffalo, we are all hoping that the doldrums of winter are behind us.

I'm trying to use the power of the sun to keep a positive "sunny" tone regarding my fantasy play.

It's been a losing month so far and once again NASCAR is the leading culprit. Edwards crashing Keselowski cost me about 200 points in almost every contest, dashing any hopes of cashing. Four races into the season and I have yet to post a winning week.

Basketball and hockey continue their seasons, and I'm pretty much treading water in those sports. Actually, that's the plan - try to stay even until you have a breakout night.

It would be nice to make up some ground before baseball starts. I have had winning months 6 of 7 tries since last August. I would rather think positive than just say, "I'm due".

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