Friday, April 02, 2010

Bucking A Trend

So I patiently wait for the beginning of fantasy baseball on Monday. Still no contests up on Fan Duel or Draft Zone. I'm hoping I can get a wide variety of action across all of the sites.

However, looking over my past performance, April has been a losing month for me every year. Except for August, it has been the 2nd worst month overall.

I'm not sure I can chalk this up to one specific thing - generally it could be a combination of variance and poor bankroll management. I do remember last year that my starting pitching performed horribly and that gives you no chance to win (unless you are HU with your opponent picking the same SP).

Speaking of losing, I'm on my worst losing streak to date at Fan Duel. I finished March on a seven day downswing, causing me to end up the month in the red.

I was pretty much sunk in March with my NASCAR fail, but I had dug myself out of that hole until this last week.

Usually when I get beat up over a few days at least I get the reward of continued action against my opponents. But it seems I'm getting fewer and fewer matchups each day.

This is the drawback to daily fantasy. If I knew I would get action everyday vs. opponent X, then I would play him at higher stakes. In my experience, a lot of players seem to back out once they get up a few (or back to even).

I guess I can forget about the Buffalo66 challenge. No interest from anyone - and I even offered to take on a TEAM of players.

Well, I'm going to be optimistic and expect a lot of action and decent performance to put up a winning April.

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