Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Buffalo66 Challenge v1.0: Blinders Accepts!

I've finally received an offer to take on my Buffalo66 fantasy sports challenge.

Blinders has offered to take the challenge, although I had to make a few concessions:

-No NASCAR contests. I'm giving up one of my stronger sports.

-No autopick contests. There are MANY regulars who won't play these. I think most just don't get the strategy elements to them.

-No football, hoops or hockey contests until the seasons are at least a few weeks old.

Basically, I had to give up a fair amount of EV to get this action.

However, we have agreed upon 12 salary cap contests in each of the the 4 major sports @ $25 per contest. We'll begin whenever Blinders is ready to start.

Of course I'll be blogging each contest, so you're sure to be sick of it in a month or so.

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