Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #3: Creeping Ahead

I managed to win the latest contest in the challenge.

The result was 32-30. Details here.

I thought this contest was going to be another walk in the park. I jumped out to a 10 point lead on a Vernon Wells HR.

However, homers from BJ Upton and Bautista had me looking at a 10 point deficit very quickly.

Then, Jaime Garcia gave up 5 runs in the 2nd inning. Thanks to a key error, only 2 were earned. He gave up 2 more earned runs after being pulled.

All I needed at the time was a Colby Lewis win to seal the deal. Subsequently, adding in 3 points by Kelly Johnson, I needed 10 to tie. Lewis delivered with 12 points overall, ringing up 9 strikeouts in a losing performance.

So this leaves the series at 2-1 in my favor, deciding upon the next contest date.

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