Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thoughts On The Challenge (So Far)

The folks over at Rotogrinders wanted to ask me some questions about the Buffalo66 Challenge, so I took some time to reflect on what it all means.

Cliff notes: Not much, really.

The original idea behind the challenge was to get regular action, hopefully at high stakes. I was willing to play my "weaker" sports in exchange for getting action in my wheelhouse (hockey/nascar/autopick).

Blinders thinks we are playing for some sort of world championship, which I refute completely. Win or lose, there is no one else out there playing 5+ sports regularly with better results than me.

If I were to play a multi-sport challenge worthy of a "world title", it would include:

-Higher stakes (at least $100 per contest)
-More total contests (probably 100)
-A minimum of 5 sports in the challenge
-Multiple contests on the same day (i.e. both an NFL & NBA contest on a Sunday)
-Autopick contests (IMO, the most skill based daily fantasy contests.)

Now, I have to give Blinders props for accepting the challenge. I acquiesced to most of his terms, mainly because I wanted the action so badly.

As for handicapping the current challenge, I really like my chances, even though the all salary cap format is pretty high variance. Knowing basketball is my weakest sport - If I can go 7-5 in the other three disciplines, then I'll only need 4 hoops wins to clinch the series.

I expect baseball contest #4 to take place this weekend.


Blinders said...

Since nobody took your challenge that makes you the man. You already have the title. Your challenge has been public enough. Now if I accept and beat the man at his own game and on most of his terms, that has to count for something right? How exactly are you dethroned? A couple other thoughts. Autopick is not a sport, and nobody plays it. I would play you Auto at FSL but we can't do that. I was willing to do NASCAR, but again we can't do it at, and all the others suck I hear. I was assuming we would do NASCAR going in. I do admit that dropping NASCAR helps me. I think the variance at the site we are playing on is much higher than it should be due to defective player cap values. Same was true for football last year there. So you are right it is going to be luck fest which helps me as well. BTW we can do three sports at a time on Sundays if you want. Fine with me.

Buffalo66 said...

Here's what I think:

-The winner of our contest does mean something, just not a world championship. (Perhaps the best all-around cap player on FD.)

-Rotogrinders likes to stoke the coals of controversy because it gives them page hits.

-We'll be unable to do multiple Sunday contests because of your 3-4 week season rule (at least until late fall).