Sunday, August 01, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #2: Poo Holes!

We're all tied up in the challenge.

I won contest #2 handily, beating Blinders 44-27. Contest results are here.

We both picked the same pitcher, not an unusual occurence in daily fantasy. I felt this gave me an advantage - I think I'm better at picking depth across all the sports.

We basically traded the lead back and forth throughout the earlier games. Neither one of us led by more than 2 points.

Finally, I managed to break though in the St. louis 5th when John Jay hit an RBI single, followed by a Pujols (yes, pronounced poo holes) 2-run homer.

This gave me a seven point lead with very few at bats left for Blinders. He would need a long ball for sure.

Matt Holliday added an inside the park HR to pretty much seal the deal. Although the Phillies went to extra innings, Ruiz and Rollins added no points.

So the challenge sits at 1-1, with Blinders deciding on the next contest date.

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