Sunday, October 03, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #13: Vick-timized

I won the first football contest in the Buffalo66 challenge, 144-134. Results are here.

I felt pretty good about my team heading into the afternoon. However, I was concerned when Aaron Rodgers put up a "meh" performance - especially after a 3 TD first half.

Blinders made some great picks, including Ladainian Tomlinson who put up a whopping 27.5 points. Arian Foster added 30.7 more, despite being benched for much of the 1st half.

It was pretty close all day until the late games hit halftime. Mike Vick injured his ribs on a goal line rush and didn't return to the game.

After that injury, I zoomed out to a huge lead that was mostly gobbled up by Foster. But I managed to hang on for a 10 point margin.

That leaves me up 8-5 overall, with a 1-0 lead in pigskin. The next contest is Sunday.

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Blinders said...

Should have put your team in the FFFC. You would be in first place, and probably have it locked down at this point. I was feeling pretty good early, but then Foster did not start, and Vick was hurt early in the first. I still had a shot, but your SD call on defense was huge! Overall, I crushed everyone else over about 40 leagues. It's pretty tough to beat what may be the high score of the weekend on the site, so nice work.