Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Some Daily Fantasy Deep Thoughts

Fantasy football has been profitable so far this season. Winner, loser, break even, winner.

I've concentrated much more on the autopick/draft games. Any roster where you pick at least 4 deep at some positions is better suited to this type of contest.

The salary caps on Fan Duel continue to be cream cheese soft. If it weren't for autopick, I probably wouldn't play there much at all. I'm hoping they adjust the hockey cap - right now it's way too high. (Went from 35k last year to 55k.)

Outside of FSL, I can't seem to get any NASCAR action. Two weeks ago, I got exactly $1 in action across all sites.

Draft Zone is a freaking ghost town. In ALL sports. It's a shame, because I do like their offerings.

Why the hell does fantasy factor need a download client when they only run no-cap games?

I would love to play Shawn Childs in a daily fantasy game (in any sport) that forces you to make at least ONE tough decision.

I'll never make the top of the Roto Grinders leader board if they continue to use their current formula. (Although I will gain 700 points on PrimeTime420 once the basketball points reset.)

Anyone who cries to me this year about playing them too much in hockey... well, tough luck. Stick to the sites I don't play on.

Finally some players have said my week 4 cap team would've won the FFFC on Fan Duel. Whatever. I don't play the FFFC because they aren't offering enough GUARANTEED prize money for the effort.

When they offer a decent prize structure, I will offer them my entry fees.

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