Monday, November 15, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #20: Halfway Home

I won another football contest in the challenge. The final score was 153-99. Results are here.

Going into the Sunday night game, I was trailing Blinders by almost 25 points. However, I still had 3 players to overcome the deficit.

I managed to score 31 between Mike Wallace & Heath Miller, mostly in garbage time with the Steelers down a bunch. This gave me a 5 point lead.

Then Michael Vick went off for almost 50 points on Monday night.

I now have a 13-7 overall lead in the challenge, with a 5-2 lead in football. My "magic number" is now 12, as 25 wins will clinch the challenge outright.

Hopefully we will get in another hockey contest before the next football Sunday.

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