Thursday, November 18, 2010

Buffalo66 Challenge Contest #21: Corrective Comeback

I won the latest hockey contest in the challenge. The final score was 42-31. Results are here.

I actually almost missed this contest. I was very busy correcting all of my rosters when I saw Blinders' email with 3 minutes before start. I managed to fill it out in time to get the contest going.

Early on it did not look good. Stamkos scored as usual - he has been on fire all season. Washington took care of business, giving Neuvirth a win.

However, my team finally got going when Zetterberg scored in the 3rd, with Datsyuk adding 2 assists. Detroit ended up winning 7-3, giving my goalie Howard a matching win.

The dagger of the night was Jonathan Toews, who posted a natural hat trick against the Oilers. His 15 points were more than the margin of victory.

Blinders really put up a solid effort. His only mishap was selecting Perron, who is still out with concussion symptoms.

I wasn't sure what the final margin would be due to scoring issues on Fan Duel last evening. When they corrected scores this morning, I was able to see the final tally.

This win puts my overall lead in the challenge at 14-7. I also lead hockey 2-0.

Another football contest this Sunday.

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SirFWALGMan said...

14-7 seems like owning someone.. lol. Good job!