Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Most Hated Man In Daily Fantasy

That's me. Although I don't completely understand why.

Someone hates me so much they harassed some dude in Maryland with a similar name to mine. That poor fella doesn't even play fantasy sports games.

I had my blogger account shut down this past weekend because some one's been trying to hack it.

And apparently I have a "personal macho agenda" because of my game selection methodology.

(According to the argument presented in that thread, no daily fantasy opponents are beatable long term? Somebody please explain it to me so I can understand.)

Look, I try not to be results oriented. My results in December are actually pretty crappy so far. But my strategies have made me money, no question. I've never said they are optimal strategies. But all of the contrary arguments presented about my strategies suggest that NOT PLAYING AT ALL is the only true method to avoid -EV.

For someone that is so despised - and someone that has the apparent methodologies of a fish - I sure have trouble getting action lately. I can only count on one opponent (and his dummy accounts) for regular contests. Higher variance, for sure.

Well, the daily fantasy market will be a utopia for the next few days while I travel to Las Vegas tomorrow. I'll be out of the contest pool for several days. Everyone can save up their hate for when I return next week.


Anonymous said...

What does "avoiding -EV" mean?

What's EV?

lemoyneken said...

EV is expected value, so avoiding -EV would be avoiding negative expected value.

gregory said...

have a great time in vegas. my last two trips, i found the games at mgm +++ev. eeahh


gregory said...

i'll be at the bellagio dec 12-17.
reply here if you are interested in meeting.