Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vegas Trip Report Day 1: The FNG

I slept in late Wednesday and stayed up through the night so I would ready to go early Thursday.

Leaving my house at 5:15 AM, I walked to the bus stop with my backpack & laptop bag. It was 12 degrees, dark and windy. I caught the 1st airport shuttle from the bus station at 6:15. Definitely a bargain for $1.75.

My first bad beat of the trip was going through security in Buffalo. The security agent motioned me to go through the scanner before I was completely free of my belt, which set off something. The agent asked me if my pockets were empty, to which I replied "Yes". However, I forgot my house keys were still in my back pocket.

Needless to say, I was pulled aside and detained for about 15 minutes, while they went through my stuff and asked me some questions. I experienced the wand & the aggressive pat down, followed by having my hands tested for explosive chemical residue. Finally, I was allowed to pass.

The flight was sold out, but that portion of the trip went smoothly. I arrived in McCarran about 11:30 AM Vegas time.

I ate lunch in the airport, took off a layer of clothes and went looking for a taxi. I arrived at my hotel (HOOTERS!) and checked in around 1 PM.

The room was clean although pretty spartan, but the bathroom was very nice. I took a long shower to wash the road off of me. After grabbing some lunch I walked across the street to the MGM.

I immediately fell in love with the MGM sports book. It's not as swanky or big as the pics online make it out to be. But it's legal wagering with everything displayed in an easy to read format.

I placed two bets and decided to walk around for a bit. I headed onto the strip towards Walgreens to stock up on some toiletries. After shopping I headed back to my room for a rest.

When it finally got dark I headed out to find the IP. I started walking in the wrong direction - I couldn't find the directions on my phone. So after about 15-20 minutes I decided to head back and catch a cab.

Arriving at the IP, I headed to the geisha bar to find out what the bloggers were up to. I settled in at the bar over by the TV, sweating the Colts. I saw several bloggers come & go while I chilled, but never interrupted their meet & greets. I honestly felt a little weird being the FNG, while these folks were having a happy reunion.

I made friends with the IP bartenders and they responded with several free drinks. Most of the bloggers went on to gamble, I stayed long enough to sweat my two bets and catch a little buzz. Once the late games were over (about 10 PM) I decided to saddle up and catch a cab back to the room.

I finished my betting 1-1 on the day, up a whopping $4.55. Unfortunately, I spent about $30 in cab rides.

I was pretty tired from my travels, and had no problem falling asleep.

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