Thursday, December 16, 2010

System Reboot

I'm back from Vegas and have adjusted to the cold of Buffalo.

I'll write up a trip report in a week or so. 5 days is plenty of time to stay in Vegas. I didn't get to meet as many folks as I wanted to, but it was a good experience.

So now I'm struggling to determine how to best dedicate myself (and my bankroll) to the upcoming new year. There are a lot of projects I have been considering outside of the usual daily fantasy routine.

There are also several topics I need to blog about, including the difference between sharing rosters / multi-accounting / team play.

However, there's one issue I want to get out of the way: Why I chose to leave rotogrinders. I wrote Cal and Cameron with my feedback of the site, and gave reasons why I chose not to participate anymore.

In this thread, Cal decided to make some of my comments public (which I'm really not too happy about). So let's just show you what I wrote to him and put it in the proper context:

"I wish you the best of luck with your site.

[redacted portion involving possible criminal activity]

Secondly, I have tried to support the community and contribute strategy when appropriate. But all of my contributions have been met with disdain and ridicule, mostly by players who won't even play me. (Heck, every grinder ranked ABOVE me won't play me.) I'm not saying I'm right about anything, just that's it's impossible to have a civil discussion in your forums.

Finally, I understand that you are running a business. And you want your site to grow with the industry. You are hoping to market that growth to the casual player, with the lure of big one day contest prizes. These players don't care how much they pay in rake. I get all that."

The bold portion is the point I was trying to get across. Either I failed at getting the point across or he failed to understand it.

I don't care what the other players think of me. It's just a waste of my time to have every strategy post derailed by players who refuse to step up and play meaningful opponents or stakes.

A lot more to blog when time permits.


SirFWALGMan said...

Vegas 70 degrees weather last week was AWESOME. Coming back to 13 degrees not so much.

Dr. Pauly said...

Fuck the haters! We need to make you a VIP player or something of the sort at FSL. Kinda like getting knighted by the Queen.