Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Let's Lighten Things Up A Bit

I was beat down pretty good last night in fantasy hockey. It's always a magical evening when your goalie gives up seven.

Congratulations to You Better You Bet for winning the first bonus cash in the Beat Buffalo66 promo on Fantasy Sports Live. randyracer99 is also going for the bonus tonight.

I'm fighting off a respiratory infection so don't freak out if I go off the grid for a few days. I think some warmer weather would do wonders for me right now, but I'm not even up to leaving the house.

I'm really in the mood to chuckle right now. Here's one of my favorite roast clips - Gilbert Gottfried defends Joan Rivers' vagina:

(No bad language but probably NSFW)

PS - there is a longer version of this clip that also has the "cheese sandwich" joke, which is my favorite joke to tell in a bar.

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