Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Should Daily Fantasy Baseball Bother With A Salary Cap?

The salary caps for fantasy baseball seem way too soft. I'm not sure they should even bother with a cap anymore.

A friend asked me to look over his Fan Duel lineup a few nights ago. It looked something like this:

P - Stud pitcher
C - #3 hitter
1B- Cleanup hitter
2B - Cleanup hitter
SS - Cleanup hitter
3B - Cleanup hitter
LF - #3 hitter
CF - Cleanup hitter
RF - #3 hitter

Seriously? The "cap" allows you to select a stud at every position? Either the pricing is very inefficient or completely off.

DraftStreet is not much better. Even though you are required to pick 14 players for $100k, you can afford both stud pitching and an all-star lineup without having to sacrifice much of anything. Maybe one RP or one utility player.

These games should have tight pricing, making these all-star lineups obsolete. Or go in the other direction and remove the cap altogether.

Tighter caps would also eliminate the "stacked team" strategy. (I'm thrilled that strategy doesn't work in the other sports.)

This is a great example why I only play expert cap games on Fan Duel. It allows me to use my skill advantage to earn some money.

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