Thursday, December 01, 2011

Update On My World Championship Challenge

Well, it has been about six months since I offered up the $5k bonus fantasy sports challenge.

I've had five serious offers to take me on, but none of them are willing to challenge me based on the terms originally outlined.

The biggest obstacle so far seems to be the draft format. I know salary cap games are more popular, but why would that matter to an experienced player? Draft games give each user a unique roster. This requires you to pick depth.

Playing a cap game with a shallow roster will result in each side having many identical players. That's flipping coins, and I'm not flipping coins with a $5k overlay against me.

I will still consider playing cap games with the deepest rosters possible. However, all sports must be included.

Other players have asked me to run the challenge at lower stakes, yet they still want the full $5k bonus. So I'm supposed to risk this money without any chance to make any money myself? I'll pass on that scenario.

Almost all of the potential challengers want to drop the NASCAR portion. It is a legitimate fantasy sport, although not a popular one in the daily format. I think the more sports in the challenge, the better - I'd be willing to add additional disciplines, such as golf or college sports.

Finally, In my most recent offer to a prospective challenger, I've offered:

-To escrow the entire bonus up front
-Set up the challenge RAKE FREE for the challenger.

IMO, that is a tremendous offer. In fact, it reduces my earnings potential by almost 10%. It shows I'm willing to give up that much to make this happen.

So far, this has not been good enough terms for any daily fantasy player. I don't really know why, it seems all of the risk is on me.

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