Monday, February 27, 2012

I Have To Give DraftStreet Credit When Credit Is Due

Although I haven't been playing any fantasy lately, I've been scouting out places to get some draft match-ups.

Several of the major fantasy sites don't even offer draft games, so it's a limited pool for those types of contests.

While checking out Draftstreet, I noticed that their largest buy-in games are $420 for an $800 prize pool. This means they are the first contest site to offer 5% rake on any buy-in over $1.

I really feel that 5% SHOULD be an industry standard for HU high stakes games. It takes the same amount of resources to run a $420 game as it does to run an $11 game.

Some sites rake 20% on their largest tourneys - and I'm OK with that. I usually pass those up, but I personally feel the sites can rake the large fields as high as they want.

Those of you who visit regularly know I don't feel great about the way Draftstreet treated me in the past. But I readily admit they offer great games with deep rosters and scoring tables.

I may be giving them another chance, if I can get action at those stakes.

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