Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Daily Fantasy Impact Of Thursday Night NFL Games

I've been debating my plan of attack for this upcoming NFL season.  For the past several years, I've always played fantasy football on Sunday (which includes the Monday night game).

In the modern NFL we now have a Thursday night game every week.  So the fantasy sites offer two sets of contests, starting Thursday and Sunday.

I was never a fan of Thursday contests.  Why give away your roster so early in the week?  What about important game-time decisions you can navigate through on the Sunday morning pregame shows?

A lot of DFS players by nature are micro-managers, to say the least.  Perhaps meglomaniacal.  They want to control every possible aspect of the situation.  I was like that in the early days.  DFS is very much a risk vs. reward game but we still like to limit the risk.

However, my feelings on Thursday fantasy football contests has changed dramatically.  I'm now embracing Thursday games as the way to go this season.


I think there's the most dead money in Thursday games.  A lot of players just want action riding while they watch the Thursday game.  Many others will make roster selection errors by not checking the injury reports.  Some experienced players will take calculated risks on a questionable starter.

Thursday games also involve the entire NFL schedule, so the likelihood of identical rosters is statistically smaller.

Now I will admit that the biggest tournaments run on Sunday.  If you're shooting for the stars then you play on the weekend.  But also consider that the sites have CRASHED on Sunday mornings several times because of heavy traffic.  You won't have to worry about that on Thursday.

I think the edge to turning a profit is playing on Thursday and let Sunday do its own thing.  At least you will have more free time over the weekend to spend on other activities.

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